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Achieving Your Financial Goals Is Our Passion

Our Wealth Management Team Is
Invested in You

When you work with Forest Hills Financial Group (FHFG), you become a part of our family, and your financial future matters to us.

Achieving your financial goals is our top priority. In fact, it's our passion. That's why we say we're invested in you. Everything we do is to ensure you and your family's needs are provided for now, and into the future.

Client Centered

Independent Risk
& Wealth Management

Our private wealth and risk management firm has been helping individuals and businesses plan and pursue their financial objectives for more than three decades. Because we are an independent, privately-held company, achieving your goals is our only concern. This allows our skilled advisors to recommend any financial product available to achieve your objectives. We answer to no one but you.

When you work with FHFG, your financial advisor will examine every facet of your finances. Not just income and assets, but liabilities, cash flow, insurance, spending, and more to gain a complete view of your financial health. Armed with this information, we can help you set goals and create a realistic plan to achieve them.


Strategic expertise across a broad range of investor profiles.

Wealth Management

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The people are special at FHFG and we consider each other family. When you work with us, you become part of the family, too. We care about you and invest in your success for the long term.



FHFG financial advisors access resources  – exceptional training, pooled local knowledge, mentoring from industry leaders, and outstanding growth – to help them succeed. That’s why we attract the industry’s best and brightest.



Because of our team’s incredible diversity, we have a financial advisor who “speaks your language,” literally, and figuratively.  And our diversity means we have knowledge in virtually every facet of personal and corporate finance.



We’re independent advisors and we answer to you, not corporate shareholders.  We are committed to achieving your financial goals.

Client Centered


Over the years, FHFG financial advisors have developed time-tested strategies to help our clients:

  • Live a comfortable lifestyle, before and in retirement
  • Mitigate and manage risk
  • Pay for college educations
  • Arrange for executive and employee benefits
  • Better manage and plan business finances
  • Create a business succession plan
  • Support philanthropic giving
  • Create an estate plan for the eventual transfer of their assets

Our financial advisors can help you refine your goals and get started on the path to a solid financial future.

Financial Advisors

As part of the FHFG team, our advisors have access to an array of tools to help clients achieve their goals.

Extensive Resources - such as pooled local knowledge in the communities we serve, exceptional product training materials from Guardian, an advanced infrastructure design to enable autonomous growth, and ongoing professional training.

Growth Opportunities - giving advisors a foundation to grow in skills, confidence, and wealth.

Industry Leadership - from our esteemed FHFG advisor teams, Guardian and more than 50 other industry-leading carriers, and our premier providers, Park Avenue Securities and Pershing (custodian).

We believe our financial advisors are in a class by themselves, because of the kind of people we attract. The financial advisors at FHFG really care about each other and their clients because they are genuine, caring people who truly are passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals. We wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why we say we consider ourselves to be a family.

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the Right
Financial Advisor

When it comes to finding the right financial advisor, one size does not fit all. At FHFG, we know that the right fit between client and advisor is essential to establishing a rapport that results in a great working relationship. And great relationships lead to great results.

Want an advisor that speaks Punjabi? Is extra-knowledgeable about annuities? Or has special expertise in irrevocable trusts? FHFG’s diverse array of risk and wealth management experts on our team who collectively possess an amazing depth and breadth of experience. Let us find the perfect financial advisor for you! You won’t be disappointed!

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