Forest Hills Financial Group - Our Team

Forest Hills Financial Group, Inc has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and honors. Forest Hills Financial Group is a consistent qualifier for the GAMA Master Agency Award and the International Management Award for Superior Performance. We have also achieved The Master Agency Award for superior performance.

Our team of associates is comprised of some of the most dedicated and well-educated individuals in our industry. They recognize the importance of continuing education and hold many professional degrees including CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant), CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter), LUTCF (The LUTC Fellow Designation), EA (Enrolled Actuary), CLTC (Certified in Long Term Care), CASL (Chartered Advisor for Senior Living), JD (Juris Doctor), and Esq. (Esquire). Our associates are also very involved with their communities. Many have been either presidents or board members of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors local and state chapters, and they hold many volunteer positions for numerous philanthropic activities. We are very proud of their involvement to make our industry and community better.

Meet Our Team

  Nathan Perlmutter CLU® , ChFC® President and CEO
  Andie Perlmutter COO, Associate General Agent
  David A. Perlmutter Associate General Agent, New York City
  Edward J. Kornfeld Sr. Vice President, Talent Acquisition/New Associate Development
  Gary M. Brudner, CLF Director of Training
  Arnold Rosenbaum CFP,CLU® ,ChFC® Director of Advanced Planning
  Bruce H. Young Managing Director
  Evan D. Tepper Managing Director, New Agent Development
  Sunil Kumar Managing Director
  Adam D. Cline, CFP, LUTCF,CLTC Senior Vice-President, Long Term Care Specialist
  Alan M. Borko, CFP® Senior Vice President, Agency Control Officer
  Ken Cusick Underwriting/New Business/Equity Manager
  Harvey Weiner President, Group Services
  Susan Connors Director of Pension Administration
  Karima Zizoune Comptroller/Commissions
  Evelyn Burgos Contracting and Licensing
  Stacey Wisdom Policy Service Representative
  Diane Neustadt Vice President, Special Projects

Our Associates

 Salman Arzu
 Alpha Barril
 Sam Beller, CLU® , ChFC®
 Jason A. Bertrami
 Anthony Bertrami, M.S., CLU®
 Terry Birnbaum-Horton
 Abe Bixenspan
 Alan M. Borko, CFP®
 Nicholas Bowman
 Randy Brickman, LUTCF, CLTC
 Gary M. Brudner, CLF
 Benjamin J. Bush
 Charles Campbell
 Yolanda Candelaria
 James Clark
 Adam D. Cline, CFP, LUTCF,CLTC
 Isaac B. Cohen
 Leonard Cohen, MBA
 Randolph Corriette
 CJ Cuddy
 Azra Dhar
 Henry Doiban
 Mark Doiban
 Thomas Erny
 Michael Feldman
 Joel P. Greenberg
 V. Nagendra Gupta
 Adam Hayes
 Daniel Hochler
 Mark Hudesman
 Rick Indelicato, III
 Enrico Indelicato, Jr.
 John Isaac
 Jeff Israel
 Karla Johnson
 Naveen Joshi
 Jordan Kaplan
 Thomas Kenny
 Kamran Khan
 Tey Kim
 Yehuda Konstam
 Edward J. Kornfeld
 Sunil Kumar
 Premadasan Kunhunni
 Michael Leigh
 Mordy Lev
 Steven D. Lichtenstein, CLU® , ChFC®
 Dana L. Lind
 Blaine Lipkin
 Michael Lucarelli
 Doreen A. Marino
 Allan T. Mendels, CLU®, ChFC®
 Pambayan Meyyan, MBA
 David Michaels
 Andrew S. Miller
 Ilov Mocheyev
 Jacques Moringlane
 Yosef Moskowitz, LUTCF
 Pavel Muratov
 Klara Muratova
 Mark Murphy, CLU® , ChFC®
 Herbert Oster
 Michael P. O'Sullivan
 Dennis J. O'Sullivan, CLU® , ChFC®
 Thomas F. Palmeri, LUTCF
 Surendra Parikh, LUTCF
 Aik Pinellis
 Sridhar Rao
 Zisel Rosen, LUTCF
 Arnold Rosenbaum CFP,CLU® ,ChFC®
 Ronald Rosenberg
 Steven Rosenthal
 Daniel Ross
 Joshua Rubel
 Jonathan Sanders
 Larry Sarraga
 Steven Schacter, Esq.
 Adam Schlossberg
 Henry Schneider, CLTC
 Robert Schrier, CLU® , ChFC®
 Frank Schursky
 Evan Schutzman
 Paresh Shah
 Faisal Shahed, MBA
 Billy Singh
 Darshan Singh
 Shawn B. Singh
 Anthony E. Sonsini
 Evan D. Tepper
 Daniella Urman
 Naidoo Veerapen
 Remy Wagman
 Harvey Weiner
 Robert Weinstein
 Sol Weisz
 Alan Winter
 Bill Wu
 Bruce H. Young