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Group Benefits

Employee Benefits Attract Top Employees

How Do Your Employees Rate Their Benefits?

The ability to recruit top talent for your business often rests on the benefits you offer. Did you know that 82% of employees say employee benefits are an important reason they accepted a job? Interestingly, only 66% of employers think benefits make a big difference.

No matter the size of your business, meeting employee benefits expectations is essential to attract the employees you need. As a business owner, you must weigh the advantages of giving employees the benefits they want against costs, access, and administration requirements. Finding the right balance is critically important to your company’s financial health.

What Do Employees Want?

The employees you wish to hire want to know if your company is a great place to work and whether its culture is a healthy one. They also want to know if the workload is reasonable or if the company’s demands on their time will encroach into family and personal time.

They also ask about benefits. This non-monetary compensation can considerably sweeten a job offer. Think about this: in a 2022 Employee Benefits Survey Report, 42% of employees would rather have $200 in new employee benefits than a $200 wage increase.

The law requires some benefits, and others are optional. The optional benefits you choose may tip the balance in recruiting excellent candidates. Here are the required benefits:

  • Family and medical leave
  • Health insurance (businesses with 50+ full-time employees)
  • Social security, Medicare, and federal insurance contributions
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers' comp insurance (optional in Texas)

The list of optional benefits is long, but here's a sample:

How Do You Choose?

The range of available options, their costs, provider reliability, administration – a dizzying array of elements come into play when you're reconsidering your employee benefits packages. Instead of attempting this challenge alone, why not make it easier on yourself and work with a financial advisor that truly understands the industry?

The financial advisors at Forest Hills Financial Group (FHFG) partner with experienced and talented employee benefits brokers. By accessing a multitude of resources, together they create employee benefits packages to attract and retain the top employees you want while still keeping costs affordable. Our team can access a deep well of options to satisfy both goals.

Recommended Insurance and Financial Products

FHFG is an agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), an employee benefits company. A provider of peace of mind to Americans for over 160 years, Guardian is known for its financial strength, deep resources, and innovative products. We offer a broad range of group benefits through Guardian and when they are appropriate, recommend them in an employee benefits package. We also recommend products from other insurance carriers and will select a product based on which one best serves the client’s needs.

Your financial advisor will design an employee benefits program that attracts the employees you want to hire, is affordable for you, provides efficient administration, and offers the benefits your employees most want.

Find the Right Group Benefits Financial Advisor

For more than four decades, FHFG has worked with business owners to customize their group benefits packages. As an independent firm, our experienced advisors work to achieve your financial goals, not to satisfy a big corporation and its shareholders. Helping your business thrive and prosper is our only objective.

You choose employees based on their experience, qualifications and how their attributes mesh with your company’s culture. Choosing an employee benefits financial advisor should work the same way. A great client-advisor relationship is critically important to producing great results, so we want you to find the FHFG advisor that “speaks your language.” With a diverse team, and advisors fluent in 24 languages, that shouldn’t be difficult. Complete our Find a Financial Advisor questionnaire to get started. We think we have the perfect financial advisor for you on our team.

Let us help you design an employee benefits program for your business that meets your and your employees' objectives. You don't have to do it alone anymore. We'll be with you every step of the way to help you achieve your benefits objectives. Drop us a line today or call 212-687-8901.