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Your financial future is in your hands,
but you don't have to go there alone.

Your Future

Since 1980, Forest Hills Financial Group (FHFG) has been helping families and businesses increase their financial security and peace of mind. Our financial advisory services have helped over 40,000 clients in 50 states achieve their financial goals. We have access to multiple strategies and deep resources that have the best chance of growing and protecting your assets.

The first step on the road to your financial future begins with a conversation. We want to know who you are, what’s important to you, and where you want to go. Your family, financial portfolio, business needs, and aspirations differ from anyone else's. That's why we take the time to listen to you, formulate a plan to reach your goals, then carefully explain any of the products and services we recommend.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Investing is a simple equation – buy low and sell high, right? As it turns out, it's a little more complicated than that. No worries, though. Our professional advisors are specialists who thoroughly understand investing principles and the financial markets. 

At FHFG, we consult with you about your goals, timeline, and risk tolerance. We then design a portfolio for you that harnesses principles and strategies for sound investing. Our advisors have a wealth of institutional knowledge and deep resources to help you achieve your goals.

Estate Planning

Business Solutions

Business owners have a multitude of complex financial issues to navigate to keep their organization strong: cash flow, debt management, insurance, benefits, and so much more. You must get these vital matters right, yet still deliver your products and services to your clients without skipping a beat. It’s a lot to manage.

One of the most difficult and important decisions a business owner can make is when and how to exit a business. When that time comes, how do you realize the value of your life’s work – and enjoy the fruits of your labor – while also caring for the people and the legacy you leave behind?

That’s where we come in. FHFG financial advisors work with entrepreneurs and business owners every day to create strategies that strengthen and enhance their operations, attract and retain top level talent, and create a plan for an eventual change in leadership. We can help with executive and employee benefits, retirement plans, insurance, business succession planning, and more. We can help. Talk with one of our experienced financial advisors today to get started.


Estate Planning

Many people think estate planning is just creating a will. A will is part of it, but it's much more than that. The estate planning process considers your life situation and enables you to make decisions for your assets, those you love and your business rather than leaving those decisions to a court of law. 

Creating an estate plan is a profoundly personal process that includes consideration of your healthcare, family, business, assets, taxes, charitable giving and anything else of concern to you. If you have children, a complete estate plan defines what you will leave to them and can contain provisions to protect assets from creditors, lawsuits and careless spending.

Our team at FHFG will work with your existing legal and tax advisors and we also have wonderful relationships with attorneys and accountants who we can introduce you to to make sure you have a complete team, working collaboratively towards your best outcomes.

Are you a legal or tax advisor who would like to meet our team? Click here.


Disability Insurance

What would happen if you were no longer able to work? In the U.S., 25% of today's 20-year-olds will become disabled before they retire. In 2021, the average age of a disabled person was 55.3 years. You insure your car, your home and your life. Why wouldn't you insure your income with disability insurance?

You Can Trust FHFG

We are an independent firm that focuses on what's best for you, not on what makes us the most money. Our advisors come from diverse backgrounds and speak 24 languages, so we have a financial professional that's the right fit for you.

Contact us online today to schedule a no-risk appointment to discuss your needs, or call us at 212-687-8901.